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How to Style your Throw Pillows

Do you ever flip through home decor magazines or scroll your social media feed and wonder how pillows can look so perfect?! The placement, the fluff, the angle, the layering…it ALL adds to the visual appeal of any room.

I’m here to help you maneuver through the endless possibilities of styles and placements, ease your mind, and let you know that a “staged” look is totally doable in a lived-in home.

To give you some insight on how to place and “fluff” your pillows, here are some examples:

Using two pillows of the same size with complementary patterns adds interest to a neutral couch and background. This also invites a subtle hint of color into the room. You can see these pillows have a little bit of a “karate chop” look, but in general, I prefer the “throw” look of the “throw pillow” as you’ll see in the rest of the images. That is simply a personal preference, rather than a design rule.

In this colorful living room, there are various sizes of pillows combined to complement each other. This includes two 20″ square pillows on the outside, two 18″ square pillows next to them, and then an 18″ x 24″ rectangular pillow to fill in the rest of the couch. Sometimes you can’t help but to fill up the couch with pillows when you love ALL the patterns!

In this bedroom, the pillows are all kept very neutral so the star of the show (the 10′ headboard) gets the attention. The euro pillows on the bed are the same color as the bedding, and the pillows on the sofa and chairs are all in the same color family as the furniture they are sitting on.

Comfort is key when it comes to pillows on a sofa, after all, nap time is best on the couch, right!? So make sure when you’re selecting pillows, that they are something you’d like to lay your cheek on. Notice the pillows on the couch coordinate (but don’t match) the pillows on the chairs in the image below.

It's a bonus if the they can all be mixed up between your sofa and chairs, because you’ll never worry about your pillows being out of place.

And finally, check out these pillows on a dining bench. By using throw pillows instead of creating a custom cushion, you maintain the option to change the look and feel of the space as you wish.

What do you think? Are you a fan of a lot of pillows? Or keeping it simple?

Karate chop? Or throw?

Need advice on decorating your space? Give me a call today for a consultation!


Much love,


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