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Three Simple Ways to Decorate for Fall

The first cool evenings of the season have started to roll in which has me thinking about (and itching to write about), my most favourite season....fall! To be honest, I've had pumpkin spiced lattes, knit sweaters, and fresh home décor on my mind for several weeks, but the beautiful weather we've enjoyed this summer has made it difficult to sit down and write this blog.

Back to fall...adding fall décor to your home doesn’t have to be hard. Here are some of my favourite ways to transition your home into the new season while still maintaining the simple, cozy feeling that we all love.

1. Add Textured Pillows

Textured pillows are an instant way to add a pop of fall to your home! They also transition well into winter when the pumpkins in your home are put away and the Christmas colors are revealed!

2. Swap Lighter Blankets for Chunky, Woven/Knit Throws

Knit and woven throws are a heavier option for colder times and also create a calming, cozy feel in any room. It's also fun adding colored throws to the room when the rest of your décor is neutral. This allows you to change out throws to match the season without having to rearrange your entire home!

3. Display Bold Centerpieces with Subtle Colour

Pastels and muted versions of the traditional orange, red, and yellow hues of the season are trending this year. Adding a few elements in these subtle tones paired with copper accents to your current table setting is a convenient and easy way to transition any table from summer to fall...I also love that this can be done on a smaller budget! Here are a few of my favourite pieces from Michaels that can be mixed and matched to create a beautiful, festive, focal point:

When it comes to fall décor, the possibilities are truly endless...the colours, textures, and scents of the season offer a beautiful variety of options to create a warm, cozy space to relax and enjoy that tasty, pumpkin spice flavoured treat you've been craving.

Feeling overwhelmed by the possibilities? Feel free to give me a shout!

Much love,



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