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The Thing About a Theodolite

Several weeks ago, my husband, who is a Saskatchewan Land Surveyor, attended the Land Surveyors’ Annual General Meeting and had the opportunity to play in their golf tournament. Following the tournament, he proudly brought home a trophy he won for having the longest drive of the day. This wasn’t your typical ‘guy holding a golf club’ type of trophy though; it was a giant, 25lb, metal and wood monstrosity!

Actually, it was a ‘theodolite’, a representation of turn of the century surveying technology that was used from the late 1800s through to the 1970s to survey property boundaries in Saskatchewan. This particular theodolite had been decommissioned and mounted on a large, wooden pedestal. As my husband eagerly looked around our home, searching for a spot to put his prize, I momentarily felt a sense of panic, realizing he wanted to display this…this….large….shiny….gold thing in our home!

But, as I stood there, staring at my husband, I realized the object he was holding wasn’t ‘just’ a trophy, it was a symbol of him, the things he’s passionate about and the things he’s worked hard for. Becoming a Saskatchewan Land Surveyor took several years of education and articling and being a Saskatchewan Land Surveyor has given my husband the opportunity to start his own business, travel, and learn about Saskatchewan’s rich history. To him, surveying is more than a job, it’s a passion.

Our homes are a source of pride. It’s the place where we seek refuge at the end of a long day, the place where we entertain guests, and perhaps it’s even the place we work. But, above all, it’s the place where we can truly be ourselves. Our homes should therefore be a reflection of us, of our life, our experiences, our accomplishments, and our passions. So, the next time you’re on the hunt for the perfect vase, or piece of art to complement your home, consider an item that you already own. Perhaps it’s a souvenir from a favourite travel spot, or your child’s artwork, or an old photograph of your grandparents, or a trophy you’ve won. These types of objects invoke memories and feelings from various milestones and special events throughout your life. They can provide a sense of nostalgia and pride in a room and they also make great conversation pieces.

And so, the bauble that I recently purchased to accentuate my living room has been removed and replaced with the trophy my husband won. It has proved to be quite the conversation piece and whenever I look at it, I am reminded of how proud darn proud I am of that guy.

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