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Sprucing Things Up

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Have you been busy decking your halls with Christmas cheer? Our household sure has and my most favourite room to decorate in our house is our master bedroom.

As I mentioned in a previous post, our master bedroom is essentially the heart of our home and during the holidays, it becomes the place to curl up and watch holiday movies together as a family. Because of this, I felt it needed to be ‘spruced up’ a bit during this magical time of year.

Christmas Spirit has been ingrained in me since I was child. Growing up, my family was a tad ‘Christmas Crazy’ and preparations for the season began in mid-November. We decorated 5 trees throughout our home, decked the banisters with garlands and lights, and created a festive, Christmassy scene on our fireplace mantel.

Flash forward to 2012 when my husband and I purchased our current home. There were many things we loved about this house, but one of the biggest selling features for me was the 17’ ceiling in the living room. Even before we took possession, I told my husband I had plans for that tall ceiling. And so, for the past several years, we’ve decorated a 12’ tall tree that stands proudly in our living room. I truly do adore that tree and we’ve spent several happy Christmas mornings gathered around it.

However, I’ve always felt that our master bedroom needed some Christmas cheer as well. After all, it is where we spend the majority of our time as a family and because of this, last year, I decided it was time to do some shopping.

First on the list was some cozy, festive bedding. I love styling beds. They are generally the focal point of a room and the possibilities are endless when creating a welcoming, beautiful bed. For our room, I wanted to create a cozy, rustic feel, so I chose a plaid duvet cover and paired it with solid accent colours. Using different types of materials, in this case, cotton, wool and faux fur, provided some much-needed texture and warmth to the overall look.

Next up, I needed some wall décor. One thing I despise is nail holes in a wall (I also dislike patching and repainting those darn holes) so I chose my accessories carefully. For the area above the headboard, I chose pieces that were approximately the same width and length as the canvases we use for our ‘everyday look’. A simple switch from blue canvases to a red wreath flanked by 2 wooden snowflakes, and I was set!

Finally, I needed a tree. Again, I chose this piece carefully. I didn’t want to give up the seating area in our room, or have the room look like a forest, so I chose a ‘slim style’ tree which fits perfectly between the two chairs.

To finish off the look, I swapped the gauzy, white curtains with bold red ones and added a few personal touches.

My daughter saw this Santa while we were out shopping last year and begged to have it. At the time I told her we didn’t need it, but when it came time to decorate the room, I added it as a surprise for her. She was ecstatic and the Santa really is the sweetest. He climbs up and down his little red ladder, holding his string of lights while Christmas tunes play from the speaker in his sack.

Last fall my husband and I went on a bit of a DIY kick and made a few rustic pieces for our home. This ‘Let it Snow’ sign was one of them and I think it works well with the cozy, rustic feel of the room.

And so, our halls have been decked. There are many, many more things on the seemingly endless ‘Christmas To Do List’ but now, at the end of a long day, we have a festive, warm and inviting space to come home to.

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