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How to Style a Coffee Table

Coffee tables are a staple piece of furniture that can act as the key design element of almost every living room. With that kind of attention, they most certainly deserve some love when it comes to décor! Let's walk through specifically how to decorate a round coffee table (although most of these tips can be adapted to suit most coffee table shapes).

Just follow these three simple steps:

I am a firm believer that fresh greenery can make any space happier. So, regardless of the type of greenery you're seeking, head to your local floral market or greenhouse...or your back yard if it's the right season.

Adding height and color is key when creating an arrangement.

Also, queue the triangle shape for your table. You’ll see what I mean by step 3.

Coffee table books not only fill empty space, but they are gorgeous when you have the right ones. Be sure to place them in a continual triangle form. This helps balance the round shape of the coffee table. A maximum of 2 - 3 should be good, you don’t need a tower of books.

“Add a simple layer” may seem vague, but this is where you get to be creative! A square tray is a good base for this step (again, breaking up that circular shape), but what you add on top is where you can have some fun! Consider some beads, a new candle or a decorative box to store coasters (or hide your remote control!). Other items to consider are small bowls, decorative stones, family mementos, etc.

As long as your three steps are placed in a ∇ shape, you'll be good to go! This is most applicable on a round coffee table, but it can be modified for a square or rectangular coffee table too.

Using what you have around the house is always a great way to personalize your décor, but if you need assistance gathering inspiration and styling the space, I am just a phone call or email away!

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